Qingdao Eao Translation Consultancy Co. Ltd has an excellent academic background and is normally registered with the Industrial and Commercial Administration Bureau. As a professional translation company, it provides its customers with multilingual solutions. Their services include written translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, website localization, subtitle translation and to send personnel for large projects in other places.

    Translation fields:Trade and business, banking, IT, insurance, economy, laws, public finance, trade, electronics, mechanics, engineering, automobile industry, science and technology, communications, biology, medicine, petroleum , chemical industry, architecture, metallurgy, energy, environment, irrigation and hydroelectricity, aero-space, railway transportation, agriculture, textile industry, education, film and television, foreign affairs, foodstuff, literature, tourism, etc.

    Languages: More than 40 languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian, Dutch, Persian, Swedish, Finnish, Czech, Danish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Mongolian and etc..

    Multimedia production: add professional subtitles of various languages for videos and films; Adding voice-over; production of tapes; voice-over of audiovisual products; professional recording and audio-visual engineering; Support various formats and software platforms for the CD multimedia production.


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